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Parcours de pêche à la mouche

A diverse fly-fishing circuit with something
for every one :

Located on 6 hectares de meadow : 12 ponds, 2,5 hectare of water and 3 kilometers of banks.





A large variety of trout

Rainbow, Brown, Golden, Leopard (hybrid),... carefully selected, alongside of saumons de fontaine

Trout sizes from 400 grams to sevral.



A privileged place for fishing

Only fly-fishing is allowed

"No-Kill" policy - a maximum of
1 to 2 fish to be taken per day.

Fly-fishing classes available for beginners and experts A certified guide from the region is available with advance reservations, or reserve a class with Ivan, the resident "Gemages" expert.


Galerie des mouches

Favorite flies


The circuit is situated between the Mill’s creek and a first class river, which favors multiple hatchings of insects all year long.

The flies that we advise vary by season, but include Damsel, Danica, Buzer, ...

It is also possible to enjoy fishing in natural sites in the region:
L’Huisnes Basin – directions available on request.


feuilbun3.jpg (1861 octets)   Everything is in place to ensure a rich
                                             and enjoyable stay with us. feuilbun4.jpg (1853 octets)

Private Parking, on the
Gémages mill property,

The meeting place (or lodge),
is warm and comfortbale.


with a quick meal service (sandwich or picnic lunches), coffees or drinks.

        Rental and buying fishing gear

(Abel, Thomas, Bellinger,
Willow, Monic, Terenzio, Dallari, LM2G,...)

        Lockers, toilet and changing room on site.


Lodging rated "4/3 sword" (4/3 épis)
by Gîtes de France

5 individual rooms
1 country home rental

Family style regional cuisine for evening
meal service
(by reservation only)

For those who do not fly fish,
various leisure activities in the area are possible. Just ask us!

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