Fly fishing & Lodge

A whole area dedicated to your passion ... Fly fishing.

A unique circuit to suit different profiles and difficulty levels, controlled access for privileged fishing experience.

A wide variety of carefully selected salmonids.

A balanced aquatic ecosystem, born from the rich limestone waters of the Perche.

A remarkable entomological diversity ideal for surface fishing, sporting memorable battles and professional personalised advice.

A comfortable lodge and a bed & breakfact providing a complete service.

Vannage propriété extérieure

Fishing in the Huisne basin, in Normandy

A beautiful hydraulic network of first category rivers (L’Huisne, la Commauche, la Corbione, la Chèvre,…) crosses our beautiful region where you will find populations of Fario trout and Common grayling.

Ivan remains at your disposal for any further information.

Truite de l'huisne poisson sauvage

Fishing trips

With his experience in fishing trips, Ivan can advise you on the best fishing destinations and will prepare you to meet your dream catches from multiple and “varied” regions!
Our fishing estate will be your training ground.
Ivan will be here to help you with your technical needs  (throwing improvements and specific fishing techniques) as well as finding the appropriate material and equipment.
Our fly-shop, specialises in all kind of fly fishng, offers you a large choice with a personalised service (testing service, preparation of equipment and its assembling).
We work in close collaboration with guides and tour operators, especially Herlé Hamon, to make your dream come true!

Voyage de pêche poisson haute mer

Besoin d'informations ? Contactez-nous pour planifier votre arrivée !