Course & Fish

A diversified route adapted to each

On our 15 hectare estate, you are offered 12 diversified routes (channels, lakes, ponds, mill reach, etc.) that you can explore at your leisure.

Everything has been studied to offer different profiles and levels of difficulty and, thus, to satisfy the passion of all fly fishermen.

The 3.5 km of perimeter of banks that make up the fishing area and the limited access to a dozen fishermen ensure a great tranquility on the site.

The scrupulously selected and perfectly acclimatized fish in a very rich ecosystem ensure this very high quality of “sport” fishing.

As a result, the fish exhibit the most natural behavior and undergo the most measured fishing pressure.

The quality of the site and the rich, limestone waters that supply the estate have, over the years, enabled a remarkable entomological diversity of insects. This naturally favors surface fisheries over most of the year.

A privileged fishing

Only whipped fly fishing is allowed.

The route has been designed so that it is protected throughout the year from the problems of floods, turbidity and low water.

Most of the fishing area is supplied by spring water ensuring optimal conditions and promoting the well-being of salmonids.
As a result, even during heavy rainfall, most of the area remains fishing in clear water. Out of ethics and respect for fishermen and fish, the closure of the fishing grounds may prove necessary during periods of extreme heat.

Depending on the season, fishing on the estate is very diverse and captivating, in an ambient environment as colorful and changing as the dresses of fish.

The practice of no-kill (release) is mandatory with the possibility of one or two catches kept per fishing day.

A remarkable quality of salmonids

A wide variety of salmonids: Rainbow trout, Fario, Gold, Leopard, Tiger, Blue rub shoulders with Char Trout and Salmon.

A population of salmonids of all sizes and in good health evolve in the waters of the range. Some exceptional specimens reach 25 pounds

Truite arc en ciel capturé

Truite Arc-en-Ciel

Poisson Bleu capturé

Truite Bleue

Poisson Fario Capturé

Truite Fario

Saumon de fontaine capturé

Saumon de Fontaine

Poisson léopard

Truite Léopard

Omble Alis capturé

Omble Alis

Poisson Gold capturé

Truite Gold

Poisson tigre capturé

Truite Tigre

These “well-cut” fish present shimmering and changing colors over the seasons, thus delighting lovers of Fine Fish.

This diversity of fish, with the thermal preferendum specific to each species, makes it possible to have fish in activity all year round.

In addition, you may have the chance to fish a magnificent Perch perch! …

Trophée poisson

Fighting and respecting fish

Fine fishing, river fishing equipment (silk from 3 to 6) and the fighting spirit of the fish guarantee sport fishing and thrills.

The fish are fairly and sportily returned to the water with the utmost care.

Combat avec le poisson durant la pêche
Respecter le poisson durant la pêche