Our Commitment to "Sustainable Tourism"

Tourism contributes to the general economy of the Perche (enhancement of its activities and know-how) and participates in the improvement of the living environment (development, services …). In this context, the recognition and support of this sector by all local actors and the structuring of the tourist offer of Perche represent a real challenge for sustainable development for the territory, as well as for the two departments and the two regions. concerned.

This strategy is part of the Park’s territorial tourism project, which is based on the principles of sustainable development and the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected areas. According to this Charter, sustainable tourism is defined by “any form of development, planning or tourist activity which respects and preserves natural, cultural and social resources in the long term, and contributes positively and equitably to economic development and fulfillment individuals who live, work or stay in protected areas ”.

Our commitment to nature tourism and heritage

The objective of our commitment: to offer an offer around the identity of the territory and its environmental commitment. The Percheron horse, nature and the forest, farm produce and buildings linked to the landscapes are all Perche’s heritages which are also the keys to its discovery.

As tourism providers, we are committed to the Park in an approach of progress for hospitality and quality, especially environmental, in line with the Valeurs Parc brand and your expectations.

It is an interdepartmental network work which also aims to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the same destination.

Our adherence to the three brand values

Strong attachment to the territory

We contribute to the development of the territory and we strive to make the Park discover through our services to enhance the identity heritage of Perche.

The privileged human dimension

The know-how, the role and the mastery of man are essential in the development and the enhancement of a territory. We are therefore committed to sharing our passion for Perch and we rely on a sustained solidarity within the territory.

The respect of environment

Through our activities, we are committed to preserving the natural environment, fauna, flora and implementing energy savings. In addition, we are involved in maintaining the quality of the landscapes and contribute, on our scale, to the fight against climate change.

To find out more about our commitments and to find out more about the values ​​of the Perche Regional Natural Park, you can also consult the following link: