The Flies

The quality of the water, the protected environment and the situation between the millrace and first category river, develop a significant entomological diversity of insects and guarantee remarkable hatching.

The presence of a population of forage fish, crayfish, amphibians, etc. completes and ensures our salmonids a healthy and natural diet all year round.

In fact, we can advise an appropriate selection of flies depending on the season. If necessary, Ivan can prepare it for you, it will be ready when you arrive!
Otherwise, you can select, in the shop and with his advice, the fishing flies of the moment.

However, it is recommended that you always have the following models in your fly boxes:

Collection de mouches pour la pêche

For the record, flies prohibited on our course
: train of 3 flies, Bobby, egg, Blob, propeller fly, swimming fish, soft lure and use of indicator.