The environment of the Moulin de Gémages

The mill, whose foundations date back over 800 years, seems to have undergone many transformations. Even if the flour milling activity stopped about fifty years ago, his soul is still present … the water continues to flow in a bucolic and serene environment.

Nature lovers can observe on the ballad path and depending on the season egret, stork, wild swan, woodpecker, … kingfisher, hen, snipe, green collar, … cloud of ‘swallows, raptor, and maybe little owl …

They can also discover, from the Moulin, the beauty of the hollow paths of Perche.

The mill provides you with:
  • its meadows, orchards and poplar plantations suitable for walking, daydreaming
  • its diversified route to indulge in the pleasure of fly fishing
  • its outbuildings which provide accommodation and the lodge which has a bar, lounge and shop
  • his table to share with his hosts.